Higher Education Loan Protection (HELP)

What is HELP?

A flexible and customizable financial assistance program designed to help colleges and universities attract and retain students by providing graduates a sound financial start as they navigate the transition between college and the career world. The program helps students while attending school and after graduation by offering the following benefits:

Tuition protection: Provides reimbursement of education related expenses if a student is unable to complete classes for the semester due to covered medical withdrawal.

Loan protection: Provides reimbursement assistance on student loans to graduates who earn low wages within two years following graduation.

With HELP, everyone wins.

By integrating the HELP program into your student offerings, you’ll be able to:

• Further differentiate your institution from other colleges and universities.
• Position HELP as a unique offering and value-add in discussions with families.
• Recruit more incoming freshman and retain more sophomores and juniors.
• Improve your student discount rate.
• Increase your profitability and net revenue per student.
• Easily navigate tuition reimbursement negotiations related to medical withdrawal.

How is HELP different from other student loan solutions?

A truly unique financial assistance program, HELP can be customized to meet the individual needs of your institution. Unlike other student loan solutions, HELP does not require recurring annual payments. Instead, coverage is purchased through a one-time fee for each freshmen class. You also have the ability to adjust the program parameters based on your needs and brand the program as your own. We’ll even provide you with a marketing kit to help you maximize your ROI and capitalize upon valuable media opportunities.

The Higher Education Loan Protection (HELP) program allows colleges and universities to be part of the student debt solution by offering students and parents the financial peace of mind they’re looking for when it comes to student loan payments.

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