The GradGuard College Renters Insurance provides valuable protection to schools and families for when a student suffers a financial loss due to theft, burglaries or damage. Our College Renters Insurance program pays schools for covered financial losses when students can't.  

How Does My School Benefit from GradGuard College Renters Insurance? 

(Provided at no cost to your institution)

Key Features:

Seamless and simple GradGuard has developed leading technology and works with leading providers to remove administrative burden

Creates clarity regarding school liability while also creating electronic record / policy acknowledgement from each campus resident

Reduces costs and shifts financial burden of uncollected receivables for damage to residence halls from the school to the insurance carrier

Manage secure enrollments through a nationally licensed, PCI-compliant agency

Preferred pricing available for all campus residents


Additional Benefits:

Worldwide Property Coverage - Up to 100% of property limits, whether student is at home, on campus, or abroad.

Replacement Cost - Reimburses the full cost of a new, comparable item in the event of a loss.

No Limitation on Electronics - No coverage limitation applied to personal computers, phones or tablets, making sure the items most important to your students are completely covered up to the policy limits.

Loss of Use If a student’s insured residence is uninhabitable due to a covered peril, will pay additional living expenses for up to two weeks and up to 20% of the student’s property coverage limit.

Start the discussion about how you can provide a valuable student benefit and resident ammenity that helps protect your campus residents:

Since 2008, GradGuard’s Tuition and Renters Insurance programs have helped more than 600,000 students protect their investment in a higher education.


GradGuard allows your institution to help your students overcome an unexpected financial loss due to theft, burglary or damages they are found liable for.

Covered Perils*

Covered Property*

✔ Theft

✔ Vandalism

✔ Fire

✔ Windstorm

✔ Smoke

✔ Explosions

✔ Water Damage

✔ Falling Objects

✔ More (see policy)

✔ Personal Computer

✔ Bicycle

✔ Cell Phone or PDA

✔ Books

✔ School Supplies

✔ Clothing

✔ Musical Instruments

✔ Wallet or purse and 
    the cash in it*

✔ More (see policy)

*Please refer to policy for exact coverage details. Additional
coverages, limitations and exclusions may apply.  


General Exclusions*: ✖ Wear and Tear ✖ Mysterious Disappearance ✖ Loss due to Mold or Rot ✖ Neglect to use reasonable means to protect personal property ✖ Illegal, unlawful or intentional acts of an insured or a guest of an insured. Refer to policy for exact coverage details, limits, and exclusions.

Renters Insurance is underwritten by Markel American Insurance Company, Waukesha, WI. The advertised product is not available in AK, CT, FL, and RI.  Other program options are available for these states.  Claims and coverage subject to policy, language, limits, and exclusions.